Aqua Fruit has developed partnerships with professional forwarding agents that ensure that all shipments are correctly handled at each and every point of the supply chain.

Our key focus is on ensuring the shortest possible window between the moment the fruit is harvested and the time it appears on-shelf.

Strict adherence to stringent cold chain management procedures ensures the chain is never broken, with reefers monitored constantly throughout the process.

Fruit is packed on the farm and delivered directly to the final client in Europe. It’s this uncompromising approach that helps ensure the end consumer enjoys a fresher, better quality fruit with a longer shelf life.


With our non-negotiable approach to product quality and timelines, Aqua Fruit has structured a network of market specific suppliers in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean to best cater to our clients’ individual requirements.

With contracts firmly in place with forwarding agents, transporters and cold storage facilities, Aqua Fruit is positioned to deliver directly to both distribution platforms and retailers efficiently and effectively, in the shortest possible time.