Download our Citrus Harvesting Calendar

Aqua Fruit has partnered with a select group of citrus farmers across the country in order to deliver an exceptional product. Ranging from the fertile citrus valleys of the upper northern part of the country to the southern regions of the Western Cape, our farmers are as committed to our focus of the highest quality end-product.

At Aqua Fruit, we specialise in packing client-specific fresh citrus orders on EU specification for retailers situated throughout Southern Europe.

We also offer client-specific re-packaging solutions within the European Union such as our re-packing Net bags or Gir-sacks.

At Aqua fruit, our streamlined processes enable us to consistently deliver client specific, high quality citrus to supermarket distribution platforms and specialised fruit & veg retailers faster and fresher than traditional supply channels.

Download our Grapes Harvesting Calendar

Drawing from partner-growers located throughout South Africa’s four prime table grape growing areas ensures Aqua Fruit are able to deliver a long and steady supply from the earliest to the latest areas.

Perfectly positioned to supply table grapes directly to supermarket and fruit & veg chains throughout Southern Europe, our alignments and flexibility have proven a key advantage in catering to the specific requirements and volumes of our individual clients.

This client-orientated approach is designed to work to your specific requirements with structures in place to export both different varietal combinations in large quantities (full container), or, if required, in smaller quantities (partial loads). These consignments are delivered direct from the farm to supermarket and fruit & veg chains throughout Southern Europe.

Aqua Fruit is also one of South Africa’s niche packaging exporters, able to supply specific retail programs packed in heat sealed punnets and smartPac liners without SO2 sheets.